Our Partnership


MaaT Pharma and Bioaster have started a collaboration aimed at developing the next generation of our products with a proprietary process of fecal microbiota expansion.

Université Clermont Auvergne

MaaT Pharma and UCA have been working together on the development of a new model for dysbiosis in vitro assessment.


MaaT Pharma has started a collaboration with EMI-Wissler to develop and industrialize the collection device which guarantees the standardization and safety of the starting material collection.

INRA Science & Impact

We have partnered with INRA, since the Company’s inception to provide a complete standardized procedure from stool collection to patient administration for preparing frozen, live and ready-to-use inocula that meet good manufacturing practice standards as required for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gustave Roussy

MaaT Pharma is a partner of the collaborative LUMIERE project aimed at developing therapies to overcome primary resistance of anti-cancer treatments using the power of the Microbiome.

This project is coordinated by the Institute “Gustave Roussy” and includes key academics leading the Microbiome research such as INRA, INSERM, Méditerranée Infection Foundation, Institut Pasteur, Unicancer, Université Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Descartes as well as leading Pharma corporations such as AstraZeneca, and Sanofi.


MaaT Pharma and Biocodex have joined forces to industrialize Fecal Microbiota Transfer.

This agreement has two main components, one is to establish the long-term blueprint of our industrial platform, and the other one to develop an oral form of our product.


The implementation of our GMP platform dedicated to FMT, the first in Europe, was achieved in 2016 in collaboration with Accinov. Our new formulation MaaT013 is also produced under this agreement and will allow MaaT Pharma to supply the whole of Europe with our microbiota-based experimental drugs.

Partnering with MaaT Pharma
to accelerate the access of our drugs to patients

We are constantly looking to explore new frontiers, improve our drugs and improve the preparation of our clinical trials. Therefore, we are open to partnerships with investigator-initiated studies to collect Big Data using our Gut Print meta genomics platform.