We restore microbiome function

to treat life-threatening diseases

We are a clinical stage oncology company and industry leader in microbiome restoration therapy using biotherapeutics, made of a high diversity microbiome, to treat life-threatening diseases.

We are a clinical stage oncology company and industry leader in microbiome restoration therapy which has demonstrated safety and restoration of both immune homeostasis and gut barrier integrity in a Phase 1a/2b trial in AML patients. As an initial focus, we are committed to improving overall survival in blood cancers and graft-versus-host disease. We have established the MMRB (MaaT Microbiome Restoration Biotherapeutics) integrative platform to develop our lead product, determine novel disease targets and identify biomarkers for microbiome-related conditions. We benefit from the commitment of world-leading scientists and established relationships with regulators to spear-head microbiome treatment integration into clinical practice.


One of the most
advanced Microbiome
Clinical Pipelines

Discover our Pipeline

We are developing a novel class of off-the-shelf biological drugs to create disease-specific microbiome restoration therapeutics. We are focusing initially on onco-hematology, our most advance program is directed toward Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a disease for which overall five-year survival rate is very low (approx.25%).

Our technology relies on our MMRB integrated platform

We have established MMRB (MaaT Microbiome Restoration Biotherapeutics) as an industry-leading integrated platform for the development of biotherapeutics and to provide for the characterization of the microbiome thanks to our proprietary big data analytics pipeline (GutPrint®).
MMRB represents the first proprietary platform in Europe for microbiome-based biotherapeutics.


Strategic Partnerships to Advance Microbiome Biotherapeutics

Our diverse group of partners enables us to accelerate the promise of microbiome science to deliver first-in-class biotherapeutics for patients. We have established strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes with therapeutic area expertise, leveraging our MMRB platform. These relationships and our ongoing dialogue with regulators worldwide produce an ecosystem for our success.

Most recent News

Press Releases
March 29, 2021

Lancement de l’Alliance Promotion Microbiote

Communiqué de presse Lancement de l’Alliance Promotion Microbiote Le 29 mars 2021 – L’Alliance Promotion Microbiote est lancée : fruit de l’union d’une quinzaine d’acteurs publics et privés engagés (instituts de…
Press Releases
March 17, 2021

MaaT Pharma annonce des premiers résultats positifs dans l’essai clinique de phase 2 HERACLES avec MaaT013 chez les patients atteints d’une maladie du greffon contre l’hôte aiguë (aGvHD)

L'étude atteint ses objectifs clés, principaux et secondaires, avec un impact clinique positif et une bonne tolérance globale chez 21 patients lourdement prétraités et immunodéprimés présentant une GvHD aiguë réfractaire…
Press Releases
March 17, 2021

MaaT Pharma Announces Positive Topline Results from Phase 2 HERACLES Clinical Trial with Lead Microbiome Ecosystem Therapy MaaT013 in Patients with Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease

Study meets primary and key secondary objectives with positive impact and favorable overall safety profile in 21 heavily pre-treated and immunocompromised patients with steroid-resistant, gastrointestinal-predominant aGvHD following stem cell transplantation…

Partnering with MaaT Pharma
to accelerate the access of our drugs to patients.

We are constantly looking to explore new frontiers, improve our drugs and improve the preparation of our clinical trials. Therefore, we are open to partnerships with investigator-initiated studies to collect Big Data using our GutPrint® meta genomics platform.