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Dr. Joël Doré, MaaT Pharma’s co-founder, received awards for his work

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Dr. Joël Doré, MaaT Pharma’s co-founder, received awards for his work


Created in the end of December 2014, MaaT Pharma, a microbiome specialized biotech, aims to be the leader in Microbiotherapy.
We work on reconstructing the entire gut ecosystem using autologous and allogenic Fecal Microbiota Transfer, and we are targeting severe iatrogenic dysbiosis (intestinal
microbiota imbalance). Since its inception, MaaT Pharma benefited from the work on 30+ years of microbiota research led by Inra (one of MaaT Pharma investors as well as a world leader in research on human Gut Microbiota) and Dr. Joël Doré, a world expert on intestinal microbiota who also happens to be one of our cofounders.

Our combination of unprecedented scientific and medical expertise (Dr. Joël Doré and Pr. Mohamad Mohty) and our unique proprietary technology has allowed us to move fast, and today we are one of the few companies in the clinical phase II development in the field of microbiota. MaaT Pharma is currently developing innovative treatments for unmet medical needs in hematology- oncology, infectious diseases, and immune diseases such as GvHD.


Dr. Joël Doré has received several awards for his outstanding work

Today, we are extremely proud to announce that Dr. Doré, who has been by our side since the very beginning, has received two awards to honor his work.

On November 20th, 2017, he received the Inra Lifetime Achievement Award during the 12th INRA Awards ceremony. Each year, the Inra Awards honor the creativity, talent, and commitment of INRA researchers, engineers, and technicians. As stated by Dr. Doré,

“In the years to come, (my) goal is to conduct a more detailed exploration of the microbiota and to develop tools for personalizing preventive nutrition and medical treatments.”

“Autism and many other chronic clinical indications have in common an altered symbiosis characterized by severely disrupted microbiome facing a low grade to acute inflammatory tone. Current therapies only tackle symptoms while microbiotherapy, as developed by MaaT Pharma, could open the perspective to fully restore symbiosis, leverage microbiota’s capacity to mitigate inflammation and thereby provide long term remission”.

said Joël Doré.

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